Making every step count


Put the FUN into Fundraising

Fundraising practically makes you a superhero. Your team will have already chosen to raise funds for vital equipment, life changing services, or ground breaking research. Or perhaps you decided to leave it to the experts to spend it in the area that needs funds the most. But then the big question hits... how will I do this?

Karaoke night

Everyone loves karaoke so why not organise a night with friends? Organise a karaoke session, tell all your friends and put a jar by the microphone ready for people to donate before they sing.

It's an easy way to get your friends and family involved and you'll increase your step count while dancing along too!

Email, email, email

Get your fingers running across your keyboard and tell your friends and family members all about what you are doing. Family and friends can easily help by sponsoring you, so make sure you send them an email with a link to your page to make it easy. Did you know that it only takes fundraisers on average 5 donations to reach their target?

Car washing

Getting your friends or colleagues to organise car washing with a fee. Not only will you be raising funds, but you will also all have shiny looking cars - good as new!



Why not go with the Kpop X Fitness trend, get your friends to get fit and support a good cause. Everyone absolutely loves dancing and you will be increasing your step count with every dance session you host. Make a night of it, cook your favourite meal and have all your friends join in.

Sports Tournament

Why not arrange a day filled with your favourite sports. Charge a fee for the registration then spend the day with friends and family competing for the title of winner.

Go casual

Employees can get to dress down for a week if they manage to raise a specific amount of funds. You will have a reward for working hard on raising funds by being able to let your hair down and relax in the office with a dress down week. If a week seems too much, why not just a day?


If you and your friends have a passion for photography, this one is perfect for you. Paying a fee and go around to take beautiful photos.


Who's the baby?

It can be done in the office where employees will guess the baby photos. They have to make an entry fee for guessing and the winner will get a small prize.