Making every step count


Fundraising Ideas

Your team has chosen to raise funds for vital equipment, life changing services, or ground breaking research. Or perhaps you decided to leave it to the experts to spend it in the area that needs funds the most. Here comes the big and fun question... how can I do this?

Begin A Coffee Fund

Got some coffee fiends in the office? Ask for a $2 donation from everyone who wants a coffee. Feel free to get cheeky and charge $5 if they are desperate.

Email, email, email

Get your fingers running across your keyboard and tell your friends and family members all about what you are doing. How about setting up a wager, $2 for every 10,00 steps? Send them an email with a direct link to your page to make it easy.

Did you know that it only takes fundraisers on average 5 donations to reach their target?

Karaoke night

Everyone has a favourite song. Borrow a dusty mic, prepare some snacks, dim the lights and have a karaoke evening with some friends. Put a jar by the microphone for people to donate before they sing. It's an easy way to get your friends and family involved and you'll increase your step count while dancing along too! Now, encore do you want more fundraising ideas?

Car washing

Organise a Charity Car Wash at your company or in the neighbourhood. It will be a fun team effort and every donor walks away with shiny-looking cars!



Speak HIIT, zumba and K-Pop fitness? Host a lunch workout hour at the office or in your community and get everyone to chip in for every session they attend. Plan the entire session in September and get your colleagues pumped up for the afternoon instead of getting into a slump.  

Mini-Olympics between teams

Have people tip who they think is going to win. One tipper will get 50% of the pool and the rest goes to the winning team's Steptember tally. They don't have to be complicated games either - why not see who can do the most pushups in a minute, or who can win a three-legged race down the corridor? Fastest to solve a Rubik's cube or complete a Sudoku puzzle? Most rotations with a hula-hoop?

Go casual

Employees can get to dress down for a week if they manage to raise a specific amount of funds. You will have a reward for working hard on raising funds by being able to let your hair down and relax in the office with a dress down week. If a week seems too much, why not just a day?


If you and your friends have a passion for photography, this one is perfect for you. Paying a fee and go around to take beautiful photos.


Who's the baby?

It can be done in the office where employees will guess the baby photos. They have to make an entry fee for guessing and the winner will get a small prize.